Hwasa Releases Stunning Masterpiece, “Maria”

Honestly, it has the “haters-gonna-hate” narrative done perfectly.   The MAMAMOO member has just released her first full-solo album spearheaded by the fresh drop of the music video for title track “Maria”.       Less than a year after coming out with her first solo track “Twit”, “Maria” the album comes jam-packed with the […]

BLACKPINK drops their latest Music Video for Single: ‘How You Like That’

Have you seen it yet?   K-pop’s girl group giant BLACKPINK break records with their pre-release track ‘How You Like That’. The Quartet brings home the crown for the biggest YouTube premiere of all-time garnering a jaw-dropping 1.65 million viewers!   Check out their stunning music video below: (If you’ve already seen it, it’s okay. […]

LATEST DROP: Jackson Wang just released his ‘Bullet to the Heart’ MV!

A few hours ago, the official music video for ‘Bullet to the Heart’, an English single by Jackson Wang, was released! Jackson Wang, a Chinese member of South Korean boy band GOT7, just released his new English single ‘Bullet to the Heart’. And… we are not okay. This may sound cheesy and corny but we honestly feel […]

VIRAL: SB19’s ‘Go Up’ MV reaches 1 million views

SB19 really did ‘Go Up’ as their music video reaches 1 million views on YouTube! Fangirl mode on! If you haven’t heard ‘Go Up’ by SB19 yet, what are you waiting for? Go check it out right now! Check out the MV!   Who are they? PHILSTAR Who are these talented boys, you ask? They […]

VIRAL: K-pop mogul Yang Hyun-suk resigns due to drug and sex scandals

After stories of being involved with drug and sex scandals, YG Entertainment founder Yang Hyun-suk decides to step down from his position. Things are not looking good for Yang Hyun-suk, after he steps down from his position in YG Entertainment. The whistleblower case involving the K-pop mogul and YG Entertainment founder seemed to have progressed […]

LATEST DROP: Fancy by Twice

Headlining their 7th Mini Album, Fancy by Twice shows how aegyo and sexiness collide perfectly! The ladies are back at it again as they present us their 7th mini album, ‘Fancy You’. And with their song ‘Fancy’ headlining their mini-album, it could not get any better. Twice has been teasing fans about their headlining track […]

HOTTEST EVENTS: TWICE is coming to Manila!

This is it, PH Onces! TWICE in Manila is happening! You read that right! All those months of practicing their choreography and memorizing their songs are about to come to fruition! The Korean girl group is set to perform in Manila on June 29 as announced through the group’s official Twitter account. PH Onces couldn’t be […]


Another gritting anthem, Kill This Love by BLACKPINK demonstrates a new sense of creativity from the ladies. Breaking records and healing hearts at the same time, BLACKPINK’s Kill This Love showcases a new side of the girl group. With their newest five-track EP, the girls tread on the idea of ditching love out of the equation […]

FEATURES: BLACKPINK teases comeback

Get ready, BLINKs! BLACKPINK is set for their comeback and the teasers are looking fierce! BLACKPINK is ready to “kill this love” on April 5. Yes, you read it right! The Korean it-girls will be back after last summer’s hit ‘Ddu- Du Ddu-du’. As of writing, the girl group has released three teaser posters separately […]