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This KFC And Crocs Collab Actually Smells Like Chicken

We love ourselves some good old fried chicken as much as the next guy, but this may be taking it a bit too far. Because KFC and Crocs just collaborated on the strangest thing ever. So say hello to the KFC Crocs, which actually smells like real fried chicken! So we’ve seen our fair share […]

OMG! A KFC Famous Bowl Platter Exists?

Who knew KFC could get any better?   KFC just leveled up your takeout options! Because they’ve just released a brand new Bucket Meal set that lets you have a KFC Famous Bowl Platter, and more! And it’s called The KFC Super Bucket Meal! Nothing beats a classic KFC meal! Just picture it, their juicy […]

There Is An All You Can Eat KFC Buffet In Japan!

What’s better than fried chicken? UNLIMITED FRIED CHICKEN! And Japan, like the great nation that it is, now has an all you can eat KFC buffet!  As if we needed another reason to visit Japan! And now they’ve got an all you can eat KFC buffet too? It’s like they actually want us to move […]

GAMES: KFC’s new anime simulator lets you date Colonel Sanders

KFC’s new anime simulation game lets you date Colonel Sanders⁠—WEIRD but we’re definitely not complaining! Just when we thought that nothing could get any weirder today, KFC decided to create a game that lets you date Colonel Sanders. This bizarre and hilarious ad campaign is beyond our comprehension but we’re not mad! We even found […]