‘Drama’ by Keane Trinity is not your usual love song

If you are looking for an angsty kind of ‘hugot’ song, then ‘Drama’ by Keane Trinity just might be the one you might want to check out and sing-along to.  Let’s face it, Filipinos adore love songs on a different level. During karaoke nights, celebrations, or even jamming sessions, love songs – may it be […]

ENCORE FEATURE: Weekly Top 5 OPM Artists

It’s easy to overlook how impressive OPM can be. But there’s nothing shocking about it because our Weekly Top 5 OPM Artists proves OPM’s greatness! Every day, OPM serves us with more unique music beyond our imagination. Gone are the days that we are stuck inside the conventions of music. Because every musician, every artist […]

LATEST DROP: Lazy Day X Siga – Keane Trinity

Keane Trinity decided to hit us double as they released 2 singles at the same time! And it’s sure to get you in 2 different moods, too! Keane Trinity decided to double the fun up for their debut by releasing 2 great singles at a time, and we’re living for it! Although released at the […]