Chen Wins Over Toxic Fans Who Want Him Out of EXO

It came as a big shock when EXO’s Chen announced that he would be getting married and that a baby is on the way. Nevertheless, we’re happy for him! Last January, EXO’s Chen took over Twitter and other social media sites when he announced that he is getting married. Moreover, he and his fiancée are […]

Celebrate your splendid, dazzling self with ‘FIESTA’ by IZ*ONE

If there is a theme that we want to commit to for ourselves this 2020, it would totally be self-love. The newest single ‘FIESTA’ by IZ*ONE celebrates that.  In case you are not yet familiar, IZ*ONE is a K-pop girl group that has been continually making bops ever since their Korean debut with “La Vie en […]

Will We Be Getting a Netflix Documentary on BLACKPINK?

On the internet, BLINKS are freaking out over an “Untitled Blackpink Feature Documentary” which somehow, Netflix just indirectly confirmed.   If there is a K-pop group that we are absolutely looking forward to making their comeback, it would be BLACKPINK. Honestly, by now we are just really missing Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo, and Rosé. Because after their hit […]

Dive Studios’ ‘HWAITING’ is the ultimate K-pop crossover we need

DIVE Studios just launched a new show called ‘HWAITING‘ and it features some of our favorite K-pop idols! The first episode is now out on Facebook. If you are a person of the K-pop stan world, you might have heard of DIVE Studios, a podcast production company and a network with studios in Seoul and Los […]

‘Dive’ by iKON Is the Newest Bop of the Now 6-Member Group

After the departure of their leader B.I. or Hanbin, iKON is back with a new bop titled ‘Dive’ which is written by the previous member. It seems like February has no plans on coming to a stop because every day, we are getting comebacks from different K-pop groups. The other day, we had EVERGLOW release […]

LOONA Is Making Their Comeback with a Banger Titled ‘So What’

K-pop girl group LOONA has just released the music video for their comeback single titled ‘So What’ and we just have to say: YAAAS KWEENS! If you like K-pop, you might have stumbled upon the words “Stan LOONA” at least once in your life. But in case you haven’t yet, we’re just going to say […]

BTS Tops Justin Bieber’s Record on the Billboard Social 50

In case you missed it, BTS has just broken another record which was previously held by ‘Yummy’ singer, Justin Bieber. It seems like Justin Bieber‘s reign is finally over. Claiming the title he used to enjoy, the K-pop boy group BTS now sits comfortably and rightfully at the top as the artist with the most weeks as No. […]

‘DUN DUN’ by EVERGLOW Is Here and It’s a Dance Bop!

A new bop has been released by EVERGLOW and trust us, you would wanna dance to it! Also, you better pay attention because these girls aren’t playing. After making their debut with the song “Bon Bon Chocolat” last year, high expectations surely met the K-pop girl group under Yuehua Entertainment, EVERGLOW. So, with the successful continuation of the […]

‘Who’ Is the Newest Collab Between Lauv and BTS

After ‘Make It Right’, we are honestly quite surprised to find out that Lauv has once again collaborated with K-pop boy group BTS for another single. No complaints here though! With the upcoming release of their new album “Map of the Soul: 7” and their recent performance on the Grammys, it’s undeniable that until now, […]

BTS Will Be Going to the ‘Old Town Road’ at the 2020 Grammys

This weekend, one of the biggest award-giving bodies in the music industry will happen. And there in the 2020 Grammy Awards, BTS will be coming back to perform. In case you missed it, BTS (except Suga who was nowhere to be found) has been spotted alongside Ariana Grande yesterday. Posing for a photo uploaded to the […]