Restaurants With Takeout and Delivery Services Amid Lockdown

When the enhanced community quarantine was imposed to slow the spread of coronavirus in the country, most stores and food establishments had to adjust or stop their operations to comply with the government’s quarantine rules. This is to ensure the safety and convenience of their workers.   Thankfully, as the world gradually adapted to the […]

Brands Step Up In The Fight Against #COVID-19

Ligo Sardines, Angkas, McDonald’s, and Jollibee are just some of the most notable brands who have been non-stop in giving support for people amidst this global pandemic.   As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread around the world at an alarming rate, governments have been imposing measures to combat the virus spread. Sadly, though, their […]

OMG! Jollibee Now Has A Spicy Tuna Pie!

So every Jollibee fan knows that the Tuna Pie makes a comeback as the Lenten season draws near. And it’s now officially back, along with a new version! So say hello to the Jollibee Spicy Tuna Pie! The seasonal treat is a classic and well-beloved menu item. And by introducing the Jollibee Spicy Tuna Pie, […]

Ranking Where To Get The Best Lumpiang Shanghai

Today we’ll be discussing some of the best, and worst places to get the classic Pinoy dish: Lumpiang Shanghai! After all, being able to eat the best Lumpiang Shanghai shouldn’t be limited to holiday gatherings, right?   Today, we’ll be pondering on one of life’s greatest mysteries: where to get the BEST Lumpiang Shanghai! So […]

Check out this hilarious Twitter exchange about cake!

“Goldilocks ka GhOrL?”   Ahh, cake, the one thing I thought human beings can agree on. But this hilarious Twitter exchange about cake has proven me wrong. So if you ever found yourself on Twitter yesterday afternoon, December 3, and was curious why Red Ribbon and Goldilocks started trending. Well, buckle in, because this is […]

Jollibee Date with Eric Nam? Yes, please!

PSA! Eric Nam is coming to Manila and he’s asking if you want to get Jollibee with him after his show!   No, we’re not kidding! We’ve told you that Eric Nam is coming to Manila soon, but now he’s asking if you want to get Jollibee with him after the show too! So Jollibee […]

Hold my Peach Mango Pie! Jollibee now has Buko Pie?!

Stop everything! This is not a drill! You don’t have to go to Tagaytay just for Buko Pie anymore, because Jollibee is bringing Buko Pie to us! That’s right, the classic Filipino dish and all-time favorite pasalubong is now available at all Jollibee branches in Metro Manila and Luzon! And will be arriving in Visayas and Mindanao […]

Jollibee might be the next Filipino Tekken character!

Brace yourself, fighting game enthusiasts! Because Tekken producer, Katsuhiro Harada might bring Jollibee to Tekken after all! Following the hype of Rev Major 2019 last weekend, Katsuhiro Harada, the man behind Tekken, revives his old tweet about adding Jollibee to the game’s ever-growing pool of characters! Chief producer and the mastermind of Tekken 7 visited […]

DIRTY LAUNDRY: Is EAT more fun in the Philippines?

“Eats More Fun in the Philippines” is the title of the Department of Tourism’s campaign for the promotion of Philippine cuisine. A pun on ‘It’s More Fun in the Philippines’, this campaign is made to introduce food from the Philippine cuisine to the world.   To serve as an introduction to the campaign, DOT partnered […]

FOOD: Jollibee’s new Bacon Cheesy Yumburger and Crispy Spice Fries — YUM or NAY?

What’s new? Well, nothing much except the fact that Jollibee just released their new Bacon Cheesy Yumburger and Crispy Spice Fries! Jollibee is starting the “ber” months with a bang by introducing a brand new addition to their langhap sarap menu line-up. And it doesn’t only come in one but two! You’re probably asking “yum or nay”? Don’t […]