LATEST DROP: CASE STUDY 01 by Daniel Caesar

Strangely familiar, CASE STUDY 01 by Daniel Caesar lives to itself as an experimental album about life and existing. Surprising everyone out of the blue, ‘CASE STUDY 01’ by Daniel Caesar drops without no further warning. Following the success of his previous album ‘Freudian’, ‘CASE STUDY 01’ admits itself to be experimental yet familiar with […]

Haters Gonna Hate: Ariana Grande and other Celeb Couples Who Slammed Bashers

Love in a time when everyone has a word to put in isn’t easy. Every single move of popular icons results to a checkmate thanks to the watchful eye of anonymous figures spreading hate and hate and hate. Well, tough walls are not easy to break down and these couples were able to prove just […]

5 Artists We Wish Would Release a Christmas Album

Holiday albums are absolute treat to fans because they take us away from the traditional choir-like hymns that we’ve been listening to our entire lives. Now if only some of our favorite artists would release their own!   DMX   DON’T CLOSE THE WINDOW—hear us out. We know DMX releasing anything other than a track […]

Dead & Company Updates Fans on John Mayer Hospitalization

After being sent to the hospital earlier this week, John Mayer is alive and well. The singer-songwriter had to postpone a few days from the tour with Dead & Company after an emergency appendectomy. Dead & Company   Four years after stumbling upon the Grateful Dead’s song “Althea” in 2011, Mayer invited the band’s guitarist […]

Chance the Rapper Confirms Collab with John Mayer, Bruno Mars

CONFIRMED! John Mayer and Chance the Rapper are/will be working together for a collaboration that is sure to blow us all away.   Thanks, Dave Chappelle   After being spotted together at comedian Dave Chappelle’s show at Radio City Music Hall last August 17, rumors of a collaboration between singer-songwriter John Mayer and Chance the […]

6 Tracks for a Rainy Day Hugot Songs Playlist

PAGASA has already announced that the rainy days are coming. There are already certain parts where the weather is gloomy and rainy. It’s time for Hugot songs playlist.   Rainy days often make people sad and lazy. You won’t feel like getting up at all. Perhaps you’d like to sit by the window and watch […]