‘Here Comes the Sun’ MV released!

As the iconic band The Beatles celebrates the 50th anniversary of Abbey Road, a music video for their song ‘Here Comes the Sun’ was released. To be honest, we think most of us and our readers may not have existed yet at the time of the hype for The Beatles. Not to mention, Abbey Road’s […]

Yoko Ono’s Ex-Driver Involved in Theft of John Lennon’s Items

The stolen items from the estate of John Lennon have been recovered in Berlin, Germany. Personal belongings such as his iconic circular glasses, diaries, and a hand-written music score were found among the lot of one hundred items.   A Bitter Ending   After Lennon’s untimely death in 1980, the estate went under his second […]

Bizarre Music Conspiracy Theories Worth a Read

We never really know what the musicians we look up to are like in real life. Being in the public eye, there’s a high chance they hide their bad side (unless you’re Liam Gallagher, because that guy literally gives zero f*cks) to avoid bad publicity. They’re seen as metahumans, but what if I told you […]