Joaquin Phoenix as Best Actor for ‘Joker’ + other Golden Globe winners

There is no denying that Joaquin Phoenix‘s ‘Joker’ performance was phenomenal — and the Golden Globe Awards knows that. Last year we had the great pleasure to see one hell of a film, and that is Todd Phillip’s “Joker” on which Joaquin Phoenix plays the titular lead. Admittedly it was the type of movie we wouldn’t […]

The One with the Chandler and ‘Joker’ Cinematic Parallels

By now, we already know that memes are fueling the social media world. After all, they are frickin’ hilarious! Speaking of memes, it all started when Matthew Perry tweeted a meme featuring him and the new Joker. The photo showed a cinematic parallel between Chandler Bing, the actor’s character from the sitcom TV series ‘Friends‘, […]

FEATURES: ‘Joker’ gets eight-minute standing ovation at the Venice Film Festival

No, we’re not joking, the ‘Joker’ premiere at the Venice Film Festival got an eight-minute standing ovation! Wow, their hands must’ve been sore from all that clapping! So Todd Philips’ ‘Joker‘ premiered at the Venice Film Festival last weekend. And received A FULL EIGHT-MINUTE STANDING OVATION. Wow! And we thought being sung ‘Happy Birthday’ to […]

FEATURES: The first teaser of Joker released

The Joker trailer dropped yesterday. And it leaves you asking and wanting for more! Who is the man behind the crimes and nightmares in Gotham City? Just recently, Warner Bros. released the first Joker trailer, a standalone spinoff of the classic Batman villain. Starring Joaquin Phoenix, under the direction of Todd Phillips, they bring depth […]