Jack White Bans Phones at Gigs for ‘100% Human Experience’

Jack White’s stepping up his anti-phone approach this year. If you’re in line to catch him at a show soon, you’ll be keeping your phone in a Yondr-branded pouch for the duration of his set.   Phone in One Hand, Drink in the Other   It’s no secret that White dislikes performing to a sea […]

Jack White Releases New Single for ‘Boarding House Reach’

UPDATE: “Boarding House Reach” will be released on March 23!   Jack White is on a roll! The singer-songwriter released two new tracks, “Connected By Love” and its B-side “Respect Commander”. The single will be featured in his upcoming album “Boarding House Reach”.   The Genius of Jack White   White teased new music last December […]

5 Modern Music Couples We Wish Never Broke Up

Couples come and go but you have to admit, the breakup of your favorite couple can also affect you just a little bit. We’re here to relive that heartache for you.   Jack & Meg White   Image from Pinterest     Jack Gillis and Meg White married in 1996, with Jack doing the unconventional […]

Jack White Releases Book ‘We’re Going to Be Friends’

Everybody knows the musical genius that is known as Jack White, but get ready to meet Jack White: Children’s Book Author! “We’re Going to Be Friends” revolves around the White Stripes song of the same name.   “Walk with me, Suzy Lee…”     The White Stripes released “We’re Going to Be Friends” in 2002 […]

5 Musicians Who Established Their Own Record Labels

When the record label and musician ship begins to sink, no one stays. The turn of events doesn’t always have to end badly, however; a multitude of musicians have built their own growing labels with an eclectic catalog of artists including themselves. From Jack White to Kanye West, here are five musicians who epitomize JAY-Z’s […]