5 things you could do with your money instead of buying an iPhone 11

Second-guessing whether you should buy an iPhone 11? Here are some things you can buy instead! After the US release of the iPhone 11 in September, this much-awaited phone will be out in Philippine stores on October 25th! Yaaas. We all know you’re excited but let’s take a look at what other things you can do with […]

FEATURES: Check out these 5 cool features of iOS13

iOS13 is out! And we’re excited to try out these cool new features for iPhone! Find out more with us now! So it’s only been a week since Apple announced its newest product, the iPhone 11. And yet, they’ve already dropped another bomb by releasing iOS13 yesterday.  It’s just in time since the official launch of […]

VIRAL: Apple unveils iPhone 11 in annual #AppleEvent

We are all shook from the announcements during the #AppleEvent, especially with the official launch of the new iPhone 11. Netizens, consumers and tech enthusiasts take to Twitter yesterday as the iPhone 11 series was officially launched in annual #AppleEvent.   Today, September 11, ‘iPhone 11‘ trended in the Philippines.   What’s new? With Apple‘s release […]