How Social Media Has Changed Valentine’s Day

Ahh, Valentine’s Day! The most anticipated holiday of the year for couples! And I’m sure for most of you, this day has been full of flowers, balloons, chocolates, lovey-dovey couples, and other grand gestures! And most especially on social media! But in the age of social media, where it has influenced change in courting, flirting, […]

The One Where Matthew Perry Opens an Instagram Account

Attention, fans of the hit TV show “Friends”! Matthew Perry now has an Instagram account; we repeat: Matthew Perry now has an Instagram account!   It seems like until now, we are still all a bit hung-over the hit TV show “Friends“. So somehow, seeing the interactions of the actors in real life is a big […]

PSA! Selena Gomez Is Launching Her Own Makeup Line!

“Rare Beauty isn’t about how other people see you, it’s about how you see yourself.”   A very important bit of news from the beauty world has surfaced today! Selena Gomez is officially launching her own makeup line! So earlier today, the ‘Rare’ singer teased on her Instagram stories that she had an announcement to […]

10 Funny Anti-Valentine’s Day Memes!

We get it! Not everyone loves Valentine’s Day!   January is officially coming to an end, finally. And with that, we’re literally two weeks away from Valentine’s Day! But we get it—not everyone is looking forward to spending a day that’s dedicated to celebrating love, especially when you’re single. Valentine’s Day is just simply not […]

Issa Pressman Speaks Up About Third-Party Allegations

Will this finally put an end to all the JaDine drama?   ICYMI, over the weekend, Issa Pressman finally speaks up about the third-party allegations against her on the JaDine breakup. So just to recap, when news broke of the JaDine split, fans just needed someone to blame. And that person ended up being Issa […]

What happened to BLACKPINK in Indonesia?

If you weren’t aware, the four girls of BLACKPINK just went to Indonesia for the launching event of Samsung’s Galaxy A. While we are patiently – but struggling in doing so – waiting for BLACKPINK’s comeback, here are some news from their recent appearance in Indonesia. If you weren’t updated of the news, BLACKPINK just […]

SB19’s ‘Alab (Burning)’ MV teaser has us going crazy!

Is it just me or the MV for SB19’s ‘Alab (Burning)’ cannot come any sooner! Raise your hand if SB19’s ‘Alab (Burning)’ MV teaser has you going crazy as well! Because, wow, these boys have stolen our hearts and set it on fire! In the event of SB19’s ‘Alab (Burning) MV release, it will be […]

You can now create collage stories with Instagram’s layout feature!

Looking for ways to take your Instagram stories game to the next level, aesthetic wise? Don’t worry ‘cuz we got you! Have you experienced the feeling of disappointment when you’ve taken really good pictures but can’t post all of them without flooding your followers? Well, on Wednesday, Instagram dropped this newest feature that’ll surely upgrade […]

CL Is Finally Coming Back With an Album, ‘In The Name of Love’

After her controversial departure from YG Entertainment, CL is finally making a comeback with a new project album! Ladies and gentlemen, move aside for queen Lee Chae-rin, or as we all know her, CL! A few years after releasing solo songs ‘Hello Bitches’, ‘The Baddest Female’, ‘Lifted’ and more, she will finally be releasing new […]

It’s confirmed! The Pussycat Dolls Reunion is really happening!

Your favorite 2000s girl group is officially coming back!   Don’t cha’ wish The Pussycat Dolls would make a comeback? Well, wish granted because The Pussycat Dolls Reunion is really happening! The news of The Pussycat Dolls Reunion first broke through earlier this year in September. And according to The Sun, the 2000s girl-group were […]