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Is Catriona Gray’s ex really dating a Thai billionaire?

Photos have been posted and comments have been made! But is Catriona Gray’s ex, Clint Bondad, really dating a Thai billionaire? Cosmo PH Everyone pretty much knows by now that Catriona Gray and her Filipino-German then-boyfriend broke up earlier this year in February. Ending her six-year relationship with Clint Bondad. Which we can only imagine […]

Look at these cute pics of Xian Lim and Kim Chiu’s first date!

Look how cute these photos are of Xian Lim and Kim Chiu from their first date seven years ago! From shy teenagers to full-on #RelationshipGoals! Xian Lim and Kim Chiu are now experts when it comes to showing us what true #RelationshipGoals are like. From their kilig-filled movies to their most recent stint at the […]

Stranger Things Season 4 teaser dropped last night!

Are you ready to enter “The Upside Down?” Because Netflix just dropped a Stranger Things Season 4 teaser last night! Chased By The Upside Down GIF from Strangerthings GIFs I am just absolutely giddy at the prospect of seeing Stranger Things Season 4 this soon! Because it’s only been three months since Season 3 was […]

ENCORE FEATURE: Kean Cipriano can’t wait to meet baby Salem!

Chynna Ortaleza and Kean Cipriano’s Baby #2 is on the way! And the proud parents can’t wait for baby Salem! There is nothing better than the joy of holding your newborn child. And let their delicate little hand grab hold of your finger. And it looks like Kean Cipriano and Chynna Ortaleza are going to […]

VIRAL: Noah Centineo just bleached his beard?!

No this is not a hoax! But fans sure would love to believe that it is. Because Noah Centineo just bleached his beard! And it’s not pretty. Noah Centino Shy Smile GIF from Noahcentino GIFs See that cutie up there? Yep, that’s the Noah Centineo we all love and adore. There is no girl on […]

VIRAL: Shawn and Camila are making out on Instagram!

HOLD EVERYTHING! Because Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello are making out on Instagram!!! Oh No She Didn’t GIF from Parksandrec GIFs Just. Wait. Like. OMG!!! Talk about breaking the internet! Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello are really taking their relationship onto a whole new level with this one! Because at 1 PM today, Shawn Mendes […]

ENCORE FEATURE: Want more of Song Kang from ‘Love Alarm’?

Just can’t get enough of Sun-oh from ‘Love Alarm?’ We’ve got you covered, sis! We’ve gathered everything you need to know about K-Drama actor Song Kang! Are you just dying to know who this fresh-faced hottie that plays Sun-oh from ‘Love Alarm’ is? Well, we have saved you all the trouble of stalking K-Drama actor, […]

LIFESTYLE: 5 ways to level up your Instagram stories!

Looking for ways to take your Instagram stories game to the next level, aesthetic wise? Don’t worry, sis! We got you covered! With the new feature of “stories” on Instagram, you may have seen Insta-stories which are definitely on their A-game. Admit it, whenever we see those ridiculously aesthetic stories we often ask ourselves, “How […]

VIRAL: Ella Cruz and Julian Trono are NOT married!

Everybody calm down! Ella Cruz and Julian Trono are NOT married. Here’s the real deal about their “wedding” photos! ICYMI, Ella Cruz and Julian Trono broke the internet last weekend when they released what looked like wedding photos on their Instagram accounts. And basically just threw everyone into a panic. But we’re here to assure you […]

DIRTY LAUNDRY: What we know about the Siargao-Influencer debacle

Social media is at it again, serving us some hot tea! A feud between a Siargao-based beach resort and vlogger Lance De Ocampo has gone viral! What is a social media influencer anyway? And how does one call themselves a social media influencer? Those were the questions that popped into our minds when a Siargao […]