Do You Want To Become A Taste-Tester For Llaollao?

Just imagine, you’ll get to be the first to taste all the newest flavors!   Are you a fan of frozen yogurt? Well, what if I told you that the popular frozen yogurt establishment, Llaollao are looking for taste-testers? Yep, this is your chance to taste all the frozen yogurt flavors from Llaollao that no […]

Get Some ‘Closure’ With Sebastian’s Ice Cream This V-Day!

How about an order of ‘Matinong Boyfriend’?   If only love was as easy as ordering ice cream! But wait, with Sebastian’s Ice Cream, it just might! Because they have ice cream flavors that are just perfect for singles this Valentine’s Day! Introducing the new and improved Sebastian’s Valentine’s Ice Cream Collection! It features flavors […]

PSA: The Lost Bread Is Offering 1 Peso Treats This Month!

Sorry to break your diets, but The Lost Bread is offering 1 peso treats for the whole month of January!   Kiss those diet plans and calorie counters goodbye! (Ok, maybe for just a day) Because The Lost Bread is calling all soft-serve lovers as they offer 1 peso treats this month of January! So […]

FOOD: Best summer treats by the beach!

Great snacks by the beach to complete the summer relaxation? Why not! A trip to the beach will never be complete without some snacks to chew on while admiring the beautiful waves and maybe watching the sunset by the shore. If it’s accessible and it’s delicious, tell me about it! We’re all for good food, […]

LIFESTYLE: Summer Must-Haves 2019

What time is it? SUMMERTIME! Sun’s out! It’s always good to be prepared for planned (or impromptu) trips to the beach or simple summer excursions. Do you already have your things ready? Well, the weather’s hot enough and we wouldn’t want your head to be, too! So here are our top warm-weather picks for you! […]