‘Drama’ by Keane Trinity is not your usual love song

If you are looking for an angsty kind of ‘hugot’ song, then ‘Drama’ by Keane Trinity just might be the one you might want to check out and sing-along to.  Let’s face it, Filipinos adore love songs on a different level. During karaoke nights, celebrations, or even jamming sessions, love songs – may it be […]

LATEST DROP: Hanggang Kailan MV – Color The Era

If you loved Color The Era’s song, ‘Hanggang Kailan’. You’ll surely love their new MV for it too! Watch the ‘Hanggang Kailan’ MV by Color The Era right here! Color The Era’s ‘Hanggang Kailan’ MV is as heartbreaking as the song itself. We know fans of Color The Era have all been patiently waiting for […]

MUSIC: The reasons why we love “hugot” songs

We all find ourselves getting hurt with lyrics that attack our emotions and we often play them when we wanna cry our hearts out. But what is it with “hugot” songs and why do we love them? Hugot songs are quite famous in the country. And local artists who release these so-called tracks, more often […]