2019 Fashion Trends That Are Definitely Staying

2020 is officially here but it doesn’t mean we’re saying goodbye to some 2019 fashion trends in this new year. As we enter the new decade, we may find ourselves looking back at the past and can’t help but already miss some 2019 trends. Don’t worry though! It’s a-okay! Just because it’s the new year […]

End Your Night With A Bang Thanks To Our New Year Playlist!

You might have seen our Christmas Playlist and of course we wouldn’t forget to make one dedicated to New Year’s Eve. Find out which songs will leave you with a banging night! There are only a few hours left until New Year’s Eve. And aside from your traditional preparations, you might have missed the chance choosing […]

Ranking Christmas Jingles From Best To Worst

Christmas is over but it looks like the jingles are here to stay. Find out our “Best To Worst” ranking for this holiday’s tunes! It has always been a Christmas tradition for kids and kids at heart to roam around their neighborhood and go caroling. Now that it’s only been a day since Christmas, not […]

How to Survive Christmas When You’re Part Of The SMP Crew

For some of us, the “happiest season of the year” may be the loneliest. But it doesn’t mean having ourselves as our only company can’t be fun. Find out more here: GIPHY There’s a certain Christmas tradition that many people look forward to and that is kissing your special someone under the mistletoe. But for […]

Movies To Be Released This Christmas Season

Wonder what movies you should look forward to and not miss out on this Christmas season? Then like always, we got you! Today is December 23; and it means that tomorrow is already December 24, Christmas Eve. Following that is December 25, which is Christmas day already! So before the holidays finally begin, know what movies you should […]

DIY Ideas To Make The Spirit of Giving Easier

Looking for some easy ways to put a smile on your loved ones’ faces? Well, sweat no more ‘cuz we’re serving you with some easy DIY ideas for the holidays! The holidays–without a doubt–are the most wonderful time of the year. And arguably, the most hectic because we have all these preparations including finding the perfect […]