The biggest COD Mobile tournament will be happening at Garena World 2020

  Call of Duty Mobile has easily become one of the top FPS games in the world. And here on Asia, Garena has been making big steps to guarantee the audience its been amassing. And that’s why CODM will be one of the featured esport titles at Garena World 2020 with a grand prize of $65,000. If […]

Here’s what went down during Garena’s first official Call of Duty Mobile event in PH

In case you missed the Call of Duty Mobile Clan Invasion event, here’s a little recap for you to relive the epic moments that went down! Only a few months after Call of Duty Mobile was introduced by Garena in the Philippines, it has already made a large fanbase. And of course, to make things […]

GAMES: LoL: Neeko, the Curious Chameleon

In case you don’t know, the new champion is out causing upset at the Summoner’s Rift! Neeko, the Curious Chameleon is out and about, confusing everyone. Ready for her?   Hailing from a land unknown, Neeko, the Curious Chameleon brings unexpected charm to her enemies. With her astounding shapeshifting abilities, she can be anyone in […]