If COVID-19 Were Fictional Characters

COVID-19 is pure evil. It sucks the fun out of everything. All the negative adjectives are not enough to describe it.    If COVID-19 were people from fictional shows, it would most probably be best represented by these famously hated characters.   Joffrey Baratheon   Game of Thrones was a show commendable for showing the […]

Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall™ Launches on March 26, You Can Pre-order Today

A GOT-inspired mobile strategy game called Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall™ will be launched on March 26 exclusively first on the App Store for iPhone and iPad users. Pre-registration restarts today.     Game of Thrones fans, you can now take control of The Night’s Watch and defend Westeros with Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall™, […]

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Are Now Expecting a Baby!

After roughly 9 months of marriage, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are now expecting a baby! Ugh, these two are just really “relationship goals”. If there is another celebrity couple that we totally adore, it would be Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner. With their fantasy-like love story and their lowkey yet adorable display of affection towards each […]

Should Emilia Clarke replace Amber Heard for Aquaman 2?

ICYMI, Amber Heard was just recently exposed as an alleged abuser of her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, after years of making it appear the other way around. If you have been on Twitter for the past few days or weeks, you might have seen the hashtag #JusticeForJohnnyDepp trend. It is because regarding the alleged abuse of […]

BTS is the Most Tweeted About Musician on Twitter for 2019

The year is coming to an end and we need to take a recap! On Twitter, you can check out the hashtag #ThisHappened2019. As avid users of the blue bird app, we know that there are a lot of many different things that people talk about there. We ourselves often insert into Twitter conversations on […]

What we know about the upcoming Game of Thrones prequel

It’s finally confirmed! HBO already gave the GO signal to the Game of Thrones proposed prequel on the Targaryen House. When the HBO show ended a few months ago, tons of Game of Thrones fans have expressed their disappointment. In fact, over a million people demanded for a remake of the last season through a […]

FEATURES: Kit Harrington hasn’t watched the final season of GoT!

Staying true to his character, Kit Harrington really does know nothing. Because apparently, he hasn’t watched the final season of GoT! I’m not the only one who thinks this is weird right? I mean, if I starred in an Emmy-winning show I would at least have the decency to watch the final output of months […]

FEATURES: ‘Game of Thrones’ is Emmy Awards’ most nominated drama of all time

‘Game of Thrones’ just made history as the most nominated drama series at the Emmys! Click here to find out more: After the much-awaited 2019 Emmy Awards on Sunday, the ‘Game of Thrones’ cast and the people behind it didn’t come home with just awards. But also, they’ve written history, making ‘Game of Thrones‘ the […]