Get Your Girl This Fried Chicken Bouquet For Valentine’s Day

Trust us, she’ll love it!   Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, have you thought of what you’re getting your girl yet? Well if you need some advice, we say, get her the Fried Chicken Bouquet from Señor Pollo this Valentine’s Day! Trust us, flowers are overrated anyway! It’s always a bit of a […]

OMG! A KFC Famous Bowl Platter Exists?

Who knew KFC could get any better?   KFC just leveled up your takeout options! Because they’ve just released a brand new Bucket Meal set that lets you have a KFC Famous Bowl Platter, and more! And it’s called The KFC Super Bucket Meal! Nothing beats a classic KFC meal! Just picture it, their juicy […]

What is the BEST fried chicken part?

In a Twitter poll last night, we asked you guys what you think the best part of a fried chicken is. Chicken Petting GIF from Chicken GIFs   We offered four options that you guys could choose from, with the usual parts: thigh, leg, wing, and breast. To be frank, we all knew who the […]

FOOD: 24 Chicken is taking over the Metro!

Fried chicken joint 24 Chicken now taking over the Metro as they announce an upcoming branch in Makati! 24 Chicken is the name of a chicken joint famous for their affordable, portable, and delicious servings of fried chicken. And when we say delicious, TRUST US, it’s heavenly! Usually coated in different rich flavors, 24 Chicken’s […]