Dingdong Dantes, Vice Ganda, Blaster Silonga among celebrities collaborating on Agsunta’s charity “Kaleidoscope World” video

Independent Filipino band, Agsunta has released a star-studded COVIC-19 benefit video with Francis Magalona’s ‘Kaleidoscope World’   We know that a slew of fundraising events has been launched as the pandemic crisis hit our country so bad. Many of those causes have definitely helped a lot of our frontliners, those who have been hit harder and […]

Looking for songs that fuel and radiate Patriotism?

We’re all busy being mad that we almost forgot the essence of being united.   After this pandemic crisis revealed the character of our government, recent news totally made us face palm for too many reasons. To tell you, one of them is the clownery of our government. There have been pointing of fingers, an […]

MIND BLOWING COLLABS: Pati Pato – Shanti Dope x Chito x Gloc-9

Yes, you heard it right. Our favorite artists Shanti Dope, Chito, and Gloc-9 just released a collab called ‘Pati Pato’—AND IT’S LIT AF! ‘Pati Pato’ is a long-overdue masterpiece crafted by only the best of our OPM artists!  Aristotle “Gloc-9” Pollisco, Alfonso “Chito” Y. Miranda Jr., lead vocalist of Parokya ni Edgar, and up-and-coming rapper Sean […]

FASHION: Artists and how fashion reflects their music

Fashion is universal—it could define your brand and music altogether. So let’s checkout these artists and how their fashion reflects their music!   Realize how a person dresses reflects who they are? Same goes for musicians, most of the time, we hear their music through their outfits. So let’s check out these 8 artists and […]

TIME CAPSULE: Who are the faces of OPM?

There’s a never ending evolution of OPM and the ever changing taste of music enthusiasts, so we’ve asked you—who are the faces of OPM for you? And here are your answers!   Through the years, Original Pinoy Music has evolved tremendously. From the 90’s Song Hits Magazine to today’s Top Hits Philippines on Spotify we […]

TIME CAPSULE: Top Ten OPM Solo Artists of All-Time

These singers definitely gave pride to the Philippine music industry with their talents. Now, it’s time to honor and give recognition to our Top Ten OPM Solo Artists of All-Time!   Being in a band with the help and support of your band members is one thing. But creating music and facing it alone is […]