Fortnite to release Birds of Prey Harley Quinn skins

Recently, Fortnite hinted its latest crossover with character, Harley Quinn, from the upcoming film, ‘Birds of Prey’. And on Wednesday, Lucas7yoshi shared some pretty amazing leaks of her in-game skins. Let’s take a look shall we? “HARLEY QUINN BUNDLE” — Lucas7yoshi – Leaks/News (@Lucas7yoshi) February 5, 2020 From what the user uncovered, these Harley Quinn skins were hidden […]

Fortnite teases Birds of Prey collab in next crossover event

Will we be seeing Harley Quinn and the gang join the fight? For the past months, Fortnite has been introducing big collaborations such as with Stranger Things, Star Wars, and Batman. Now, the battle royale game has hinted their next crossover event and it might be with the upcoming film, Birds of Prey! Fortnite took it […]

Turn into a battle emote by joining the Fortnite x TikTok challenge

Out of all the bizarre collabs we have yet to see, this is probably the most unexpected one The Fortnite x Tiktok Emote Royale Contest lets you become an in-game dancing meme!  Words can never be really enough when playing Fortnite. Good thing there’s this what you call “battle emotes” to sum up our feelings. It […]

Does Fortnite player Jarvis Kaye deserve life ban over aimbot cheat?

A 17-year-old Fortnite player gets sentenced to a life ban from the game for life after he was caught using aimbot cheat. Jarvis Kaye, a professional Fortnite player from FaZe Clan, took it to Youtube to share that he has been banned from playing Fortnite ‘for life.’ The reason for this is he uploaded a video […]

Everything you need to know about League of Legends Mobile!

In what better way to level up your gaming experience than with League of Legends Mobile? Gaming addicts, assemble! There just might be an upcoming League of Legends Mobile as part of its 10th anniversary and we have the deets you need to know regarding this release. Soon enough, we’ll be seeing this brand new […]