Celebrate 25 Years of Auntie Anne’s With 25 PHP Deals!

Can you imagine that Auntie Anne’s is only turning 25? It’s like they’ve always been around! Auntie Anne’s history began in the year 1988. And it all started with a small stand in a Farmer’s Market in Pennsylvania, USA. But here in the Philippines, they’ve only been around for 25 years. And that’s pretty hard […]

Claim Vouchers And Promos On The New McDonald’s App!

Is ordering food putting a major dent in your wallet? Then check out all the budget deals you can claim on the new McDonald’s app!   In this day and age, it’s wise to be thrifty! And there’s no shame in always being on the lookout for the best deals. Especially when it comes to […]

Eng Bee Tin’s Cheese Tikoy, And Other Flavors To Try!

Chinese New Year is coming soon, and y’all know what that means… TIKOY! And since 2020 is the year of the Rat, the arrival of Eng Bee Tin’s Cheese Tikoy is just in time!   Chinese New Year is almost upon us! And endless stalls of merchants selling Tikoy are popping up everywhere! So for […]

Check Out The New 99PHP Value Meals From Subway!

A good meal doesn’t have to leave your wallets dry! So check out the new 99PHP Value Meals from Subway! There’s just something about a good sandwich that’s always so appealing! It sits perfectly on the fine line between a snack and a full meal, it just depends on what you fill it with. And […]

Want To Win A One Year Supply Of Potato Corner Fries?

BRB! We’re busy trying to win a one year supply of french fries! Because TBH, who wouldn’t want a one year supply of Potato Corner fries?   Ahh, french fries, one of life’s guilty pleasures, especially for salty-toothed people (like us). And honestly, is there a french fry chain out there that does flavored fries […]

PSA: The Lost Bread Is Offering 1 Peso Treats This Month!

Sorry to break your diets, but The Lost Bread is offering 1 peso treats for the whole month of January!   Kiss those diet plans and calorie counters goodbye! (Ok, maybe for just a day) Because The Lost Bread is calling all soft-serve lovers as they offer 1 peso treats this month of January! So […]

Starbucks Introduces New Japanese Matcha Drinks!

Starbucks is spoiling us with new matcha drinks this 2020, and one Japanese inspired drink that’s making a comeback!   There are so many reasons to love Japan—and one of them is the food! So get a taste of Japan with these new matcha drinks from Starbucks! Japan, the land of the rising sun! And […]

You can now try some strawberry champorado on your next trip to Baguio

If you’re planning to take a trip to Baguio here’s one dish you’d definitely be wanting to taste. Find out more here: Ahh, Baguio. Also called as the Philippines’ “Summer Capital” or better yet, everyone’s highland haven because of its cold climate and not to mention its variety of fruits in the vicinity of its mountains. And […]

Holiday Food You’re Looking Forward To!

What’s the best part about the holidays? The food, of course!   Ahh the holidays, it’s a cherished time of the year to spend with family and loved ones. But if we’re being real for a second, it’s really all about the holiday food! So move aside family bonding and presents, because the food is […]

You can now enjoy The Cheesecake Factory cakes in all PH Tim Hortons branches!

Looking for something to satisfy your sweet cravings? Apparently, The Cheesecake Factory brings its mouth-watering cakes in all Tim Hortons branches in the Philippines! Find out more here: On Monday, the official Facebook account of Tim Hortons took it to the social media platform to make this sweet announcement. According to the page, these famous […]