Dairy Queen Has A New Milk Tea Parfait And Other Treats!

It seems like there’s no stopping the Milk Tea train! Because Dairy Queen has just released the Ultimate Milk Tea Parfait! So we’ve seen our fair share of Milk Tea inspired desserts and food. And some of them are absolutely solid, but there are others that just aren’t as great. I mean, do you remember […]

Coco Ichibanya Instant Noodles Actually Exist

Nobody does Japanese curry here in the Philippines like Coco Ichibanya! And now you can have that same classic taste at home with the Coco Ichibanya instant noodles! So ICYDK what Coco Ichibanya is, here’s a brief background! Coco Ichibanya is a famous Japanese curry house franchise here in the Philippines. And if you’ve never […]

5 Places Where You Can Get Fluffy Soufflé Pancakes!

All it takes is one post to go viral, and the rest follow. So we have no doubt that you’re now aware (and craving) for a plate of fluffy Japanese soufflé pancakes! Because this dessert sensation has been all over social media! And we get it, because what’s not to like about them? This towering stack […]

Say Hello To The Starbucks XOXO Collection!

It hasn’t been long since Starbucks released their Valentine’s Day collection. And now they’re officially out with another one, the Starbucks XOXO collection! So if cute, compact, and quality tumblers are what you’re after, check out this new collection from Starbucks today! And if our opinion doesn’t convince you, just know that Starbucks teamed up […]

Your New Ube-session, Ah Mah’s Ube Cheese Sponge Cake!

There’s a new Ube treat in town you can add to your ube-session list! Say hello to Ah Mah’s Ube Cheese Sponge Cake! Ube and cheese combinations have been an unbeatable duo in Filipino cuisine for a long time. From the classic Ube and cheese sorbetes, to more modern variations such as the Ube and cheese pandesal, and Auntie […]

This 10 in 1 Cheesecake Will Satisfy All Your Cravings!

Do you ever have trouble choosing what flavor of cheesecake to get? Well, this 10 in 1 cheesecake from YUM ph will surely satisfy all your cravings! We’ve talked about sweet treats that are perfect for Valentine’s Day before. So here’s another option for those of you who are brave enough to go the non-traditional […]

Do You Want To Become A Taste-Tester For Llaollao?

Just imagine, you’ll get to be the first to taste all the newest flavors!   Are you a fan of frozen yogurt? Well, what if I told you that the popular frozen yogurt establishment, Llaollao are looking for taste-testers? Yep, this is your chance to taste all the frozen yogurt flavors from Llaollao that no […]

Valentine’s Day Donuts You’ll Absolutely Love!

Valentine’s Day is just really all about the snacks.   What would Valentine’s Day be without some sweet treats? The usual offerings of love include flowers, teddy bears, and of course, chocolates! But why not switch it up a bit and give your loved ones donuts instead of chocolates this year! And boy, have we […]

Get Some ‘Closure’ With Sebastian’s Ice Cream This V-Day!

How about an order of ‘Matinong Boyfriend’?   If only love was as easy as ordering ice cream! But wait, with Sebastian’s Ice Cream, it just might! Because they have ice cream flavors that are just perfect for singles this Valentine’s Day! Introducing the new and improved Sebastian’s Valentine’s Ice Cream Collection! It features flavors […]

OMG! A KFC Famous Bowl Platter Exists?

Who knew KFC could get any better?   KFC just leveled up your takeout options! Because they’ve just released a brand new Bucket Meal set that lets you have a KFC Famous Bowl Platter, and more! And it’s called The KFC Super Bucket Meal! Nothing beats a classic KFC meal! Just picture it, their juicy […]