Witness the first-ever hip-hop music festival in PH this February

The first-ever hip-hop music festival in PH will be happening this February and we’re inviting you to be part of this historic moment! Expect to see everything about Filipino hip-hop like battle rap, music, dj-ing, break dancing, and more! Throughout the years, Filipino hip-hop, in general, has been frowned upon but with the FlipTop Festival, […]

LIFESTYLE: Ending the stereotype for Rap x Drugs

Stereotypes are never good. So why do we indulge in them? It’s time to end the stereotype between the rap music scene and drugs! Why is that we as a society, indulge in the stereotype that the rap music scene automatically involves drugs? And no, I’m not blind to the fact that a lot of […]

LATEST DROP: FLIPTOP – Sak Maestro vs M Zhayt

Still the number ONE trending video on YouTube, Sak Maestro vs M Zhayt’s FlipTop battle dropped this week and we are all shookt to the CORE.   We’ve heard all about the rap battle via released singles from Eminem and MGK. But we just have to say that that has NOTHING on this! You need to watch […]