Enjoy a fine ‘Harry Styles Night’ with your favorite OPM artists

If you are a fan of Harry Styles and his latest album ‘Fine Line’, then you must totally check this ‘Harry Styles Night‘ gig happening soon on February 22! Ladies and gentlemen–or should we say, fangirls and fanboys of the fine man called Harry Styles, prepare for a fun event like no other! Because two […]

Harry Styles’ Sophomore Album ‘Fine Line’ is now out!

Do you still know you are? Because today, Harry Styles just released his sophomore album ‘Fine Line’… and we’re not okay. Today is December 13 – it’s Friday the 13th, the birthday of Taylor Swift, and the day when Harry Styles‘ album comes out. Titled ‘Fine Line‘, it’s the sophomore album of the One Direction […]

Harry Styles to Release Album on Taylor Swift’s Birthday

It’s final, guys! Harry Styles will release his album next month and it even coincides with Taylor Swift’s birthday! After his brilliant masterpiece that is Lights Up, people have been waiting for the release of the new album of Harry Styles. Serving as his 2nd one after his self-titled album that came out last 2017, […]