FFVII Remake reportedly 100GB in size

Mother of memory! With the upcoming release of Final Fantasy VII Remake in April, leaks of what appears to be the back cover of the game’s disc case appeared on social media. On Monday,  a Twitter user named Pixelbuster (@Nitomatta) revealed a photo showing a Korean physical copy of FFVII Remake. Final Fantasy VII Remake will be […]

Can you handle this $2,500 Final Fantasy 7 watch?

Say goodbye to your kidneys! We don’t know about you but we are absolutely fans of Final Fantasy 7 and the series but not to the extent of buying a $2,500 FFV7 watch. But if you’re planning to do so and you can afford, hey, we’re not judging! Recently, Square Enix Store unveiled some new and exciting upcoming […]

Why was the Final Fantasy VII Remake release delayed?

Hate to break it to you but the Final Fantasy VII Remake initial release date was pushed back and here’s the reason behind it. Y’all have to wait for five more weeks! As we all know, many fans have been anticipating the remake of Final Fantasy VII  since its initial announcement during EC 2015. Adding to that, a […]

Xbox Series X, FFVII Remake, and more—reveals from The Game Awards 2019!

Okay, so The Game Awards 2019 is over but we’re still pretty much psyched about it after its amazing reveals. Wondering what they are? Find out more here: If you’re aware of The Grammys—well—it’s just the biggest award-giving event in music. And of course, the gaming industry has its own recognition ceremony and it’s none […]