Common Stereotypes on Filipino Family Reunions During Christmas

Let’s be honest, we may have all dreaded some or many things about the celebrations during the holidays. Aaaaah, ’tis the time for the December holidays: the season of giving, sharing and talking with your relatives about almost anything going on in your life. After all, your whole extended family will be there – your parents, siblings, grandparents, titos, titas, cousins, in-laws, the […]

These Filipino-themed fonts will make you go back to your roots

Remember those jeepney signboards with the same iconic font? Or the pre-colonial Philippine writing system, Baybayin? Well, it’s now available for digital use. Find out more here: On this day, there’s an apparent trend in looking back and coming to appreciate our culture. And who would’ve thought we’d see the day when Filipino-themed fonts are a […]

Do you still use these old-school Pinoy slang words?

It’s #UDOUThrowbackThursday, mga bagets! How many of these old-school Pinoy slang words do you remember? U DO U Since it’s Thursday, we thought we’d do a little throwback to the days of these old-school Pinoy slang words! Since today’s slang is filled with ‘lodi’ and ‘petmalu’. Which is actually drawn from Pinoy slang back in the […]

What Filipinos can learn from South Korea and Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is a global and rampant societal issue. And the Philippines is no exception. Here are some things Filipinos can learn from South Korea about cyberbullying. 0800 What’s Up? After the news broke from South Korea about the death of K-Pop idol Sulli, a lot of her fans and most of South Korea mourned the […]

LATEST DROP: Di Na Sana by 4th Quadrant – A eulogy to wonderful beginnings

4th Quadrant reminds us that there are no second chances in life with their new single ‘Di Na Sana’! “Sa umpisa masaya ang ating pagsasama.” 4th Quadrant’s latest drop on Spotify, ‘Di Na Sana’, slaps you with this heart-wrenching line when you first hear it. It’s a type of song which immediately makes you feel […]

FEATURES: Pinoy films that are now available for streaming on Netflix

Finally! Some Pinoy films dropped on Netflix! You read it right! Following Netflix’s release of films ‘BuyBust’, ‘Heneral Luna’, and ‘Kita Kita’ late last year, more Pinoy films have been made available to the streaming platform this year. Four Sisters and a Wedding dropped on Netflix! Joining the bunch is Cathy Garcia Molina’s iconic ‘Four […]

FASHION: Artists and how fashion reflects their music

Fashion is universal—it could define your brand and music altogether. So let’s checkout these artists and how their fashion reflects their music!   Realize how a person dresses reflects who they are? Same goes for musicians, most of the time, we hear their music through their outfits. So let’s check out these 8 artists and […]

All The Way Up Dance Competition Judges: Get to Know Who’ll Decide for the 4th Elimination Round

This week’s new roundup of All The Way Up Dance Competition Judges play important parts in the competition. And guess what? They surely know which of these new teams are worthy of a spot for the Grand Finals!   The fourth elimination round will be happening this Saturday, August 25, and we’re just as excited as […]