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Pushing Filipino hip-hop to greater horizons: ‘Kalayo’ by Agaron

And we’re inviting you to the MV launch! With more and more local artists paving way for Filipino music, a new collective is pushing the scene to greater possibilities. Agaron will be dropping its first single, ‘Kalayo’, as one of the first Pinoy Waray hip-hop songs made this coming February 20! Translated to “fire” from the dialect, ‘Kalayo’ is […]

LIRAH Teams Up with Ex Battalion for a New Surprise Track

The newest OPM hip-hop muse and prodigy LIRAH is set to release a surprise track with hip-hop group Ex Battalion for a collab to end all collabs. In case you are not familiar with her yet, LIRAH is a talented artist who has been hustling in the music industry since she was 13 years old. Joining and […]

Witness the first-ever hip-hop music festival in PH this February

The first-ever hip-hop music festival in PH will be happening this February and we’re inviting you to be part of this historic moment! Expect to see everything about Filipino hip-hop like battle rap, music, dj-ing, break dancing, and more! Throughout the years, Filipino hip-hop, in general, has been frowned upon but with the FlipTop Festival, […]

MANILA GREY redefines Filipino-Canadian music with new album

Bridging two cultures together, MANILA GREY introduces a new ~wave~ of Filipino-Canadian hip-hop music with ‘No Saints Loading’ They’re going super sonic! ICYMI, MANILA GREY released their latest album in December titled, ‘No Saints Loading’. Since then, it has gained thousands of views which we believe is not enough as it sheds light on what truly is […]

Catriona, Pia, Ivana—giving women a positive light through Filipino hip-hop

As from what we’ve said, Filipino hip-hop is certainly not jeje. It is, however, following the Western style of sexualizing women which IS NOT COOL. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, well, just try giving Nik Masino’s ‘Neneng B’ a listen. Don’t get us wrong, the beat is really catchy (thanks to Roko Tensei) and […]

The ‘Taya (Space Remix)’ MV by Abra goes 8-bit!

Check out this video game-themed MV for ‘Taya (Space Remix)’ by Abra!   So does anyone feel like taking a trip down memory lane today? Because this new video game themed MV for ‘Taya (Space Remix)’ by Abra, is giving us major Space Invaders vibes! So although ‘Taya’ by Abra was released last 2018, this MV is for […]

Longing for a taste of the sweet life, ‘Matikman’ MV by JKLRD feat. J. $wish

Inner desires are often unsaid. But what if it’s made into a music video? Well, thankfully the ‘Matikaman’ MV by JKLRD feat. J. $wish is an answered prayer for us. Find out more here: On Saturday, Filipino hip-hop artist JKLRD dropped the music video for his song, ‘Matikman’. But before we head on to discuss the […]

‘Pantsu’ by Zae — An Anti-Misogynist Rap That We Need to Hear

In case you missed it, there is a rising Filipino female rapper that you need to stan now and her name is Zae! In this country that is teeming with hypocrites and misogynists, there is a female rapper that is making her move to educate the people. Move aside Nik Makino, Zae is here to […]

Experience a new kind of Filipino hip-hop with Lust by soulthrll feat. J $wish

Experience a new kind of Filipino hip-hop with Lust by soulthrll feat. J $wish. Find out more about the song right here! Today, hip-hop/Rnb Filipino artist, soulthrll, released his latest song ‘Lust’ featuring J $wish. If you’re looking for a new kind of Filipino rap song to listen, ‘Lust’ might just be your pick with […]