Do you still use these old-school Pinoy slang words?

It’s #UDOUThrowbackThursday, mga bagets! How many of these old-school Pinoy slang words do you remember? U DO U Since it’s Thursday, we thought we’d do a little throwback to the days of these old-school Pinoy slang words! Since today’s slang is filled with ‘lodi’ and ‘petmalu’. Which is actually drawn from Pinoy slang back in the […]

The struggles of Filipino kids who grew up in the Middle East

Are you a Filipino who grew up in the Middle East? If your answer is yes, what do you think of shawarma here in the Philippines? As someone who grew up in the United Arab Emirates, I could tell you one thing: Meshwe is the only acceptable restaurant when it comes to shawarma. Turks, Shawarma […]

Filipino movies you must absolutely watch in your lifetime

With the Philippine Cinema celebrating its Centennial Year, we have been forced to realize that there really are a lot of gems in our local movies. Although we can’t deny that recent Filipino movies have lacked variety in theme and content, we must admit that there really are a lot of good local films. As […]

TIME CAPSULE: Looking back on 100 years of Philippine cinema

As the 3rd Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino commences, so does the celebration for the 100 Years of Philippine Cinema! On September 12, 1919, ‘Dalagang Bukid’ which was a movie made and shown by Filipino filmmaker José Nepomuceno, signified the start of cinema in the Philippines. And yesterday, September 12, 2019, we commemorate the 100th or the Centennial Year […]

LIFESTYLE: It’s okay to cut off toxic family members

Having toxic family members in your life shouldn’t be something you just accept. Cutting them off is okay, and here’s why. Growing up in the Philippines, we are taught to always pay respect to our elders. To say po and opo, to mano, and to never talk back. And essentially, there’s nothing wrong with that. But what do you […]

FOOD: Spiciest food to try in the Philippines

If you think your tongue is tough enough then you should check out the spiciest food to try in the Philippines.   The Philippines is known for the amazing food we have. There’s something for everybody whether you are a sweet-tooth, a person who enjoys exotic food, or a spicy food lover! We support your […]