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Chen Wins Over Toxic Fans Who Want Him Out of EXO

It came as a big shock when EXO’s Chen announced that he would be getting married and that a baby is on the way. Nevertheless, we’re happy for him! Last January, EXO’s Chen took over Twitter and other social media sites when he announced that he is getting married. Moreover, he and his fiancée are […]

EXO’s Chen announces marriage and his fans are not unhappy

Today, EXO’s Chen announced to fans that he is getting married and having a baby and… they are not unhappy. In simpler terms, EXO-Ls wish only the best for Chen, his girlfriend aka future wife and future baby. Earlier today, EXO‘s Chen (or Jongdae) went trending on different social media sites. As we went to […]

‘Obsession’ by EXO is disturbingly intense and addicting

Feeling cold? Then you should go to YouTube now and check out the new music video for EXO’s comeback titled ‘Obsession’. K-pop is taking on the world, one amazing group at a time. With hot and recent releases like MAMAMOO’s HIP, no matter what nationality you are, you would be caught in the storm that is […]