Early access for New Gunbound mobile available now

You can now take part in the New Gunbound’s closed beta testing and reminisce your childhood! Prepare for some serious nostalgia! How can we forget the strategy turn-based game, Gunbound, that swept over Southeast Asia during the 2000s? Unfortunately, the widely popular title shut down its servers back in 2009. However, Softnyx, the original developer […]

EXE hints new GunBound mobile game

Is this for real? GunBound as a mobile game?! Yup, it’s true! Electronics Extremes (EXE) just made the big announcement. Find out more here: On Monday, the Electronics Extreme Press Conference 2019 was held at The Podium in Mandaluyong. Amid other surprises which we will update you on in the future, the one we’re definitely […]