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Save The Planet And Save Money With Globe GCash!

Globe encourages consumers to reduce environmental impact by using mobile services! It’s time you took advantage of your Globe GCash to save time, effort, money—and most of all the planet!   Globe Telecom is encouraging consumers to take steps in reducing their environmental impact! How? By using your mobile devices to access everyday services to […]

Australia Bushfires: Woman Raises $1M By Selling Nudes!

Australia is burning, and one woman has stepped up and raised an estimated $1M to help with the crisis, but how did she do it?   The Great Outback is in flames and nearly half a billion animals are estimated to have died. And one woman has managed to raise over $1M in donations to […]

‘Forest Friends’—party and save the planet at the same time!

We always thought that partying and saving the planet were two mutually exclusive things. But tonight at ‘Forest Friends’ you can do both! GIPHY What’s better than a great party? I’ll tell you what! A party to help save the planet! Because tonight, November 7,  For The Forest is throwing a party called ‘Forest Friends‘ in […]

ENCORE FEATURE: Morgan Freeman helps save the bees!

We didn’t think it was possible to love Morgan Freeman more. But he just proved us wrong by turning his 124-acre ranch into a bee sanctuary to help save the bees! Awww! We all know and love Morgan Freeman, he’s like the celebrity grandpa we’ve never had! And how iconic can his voice be, you […]

FEATURES: Amazon rainforest catches fire: but how?

A lot of people are devasted over the tragic news that the Amazon rainforest is on fire. But do you know how it started? Environmental activists are in disarray because the Amazon rainforest is on fire! And the fires have been raging for approximately three weeks now. It is speculated that the cause of the […]

LIFESTYLE: 5 Eco-Friendly Must-Haves for Everyday Living

Looking to be environmentally conscious? Start with these 5 eco-friendly must-haves for everyday living and you’re good to go! It’s no secret that the earth is on a rapid and steady decline. Scientists have been talking about it forever and how if we don’t do something we might not have a place to call home […]


Unilever takes its first step towards eco-friendly beauty that we all have been waiting for! Just recently Unilever Philippines has announced its partnership with All Things Hair to make refillable hair products available. We all want to be beautiful, but sometimes in exchange for this, it is our planet that turns ugly. In order to adapt […]