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Here’s why the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is canceled!

Is this the end of a 24-year tradition? Has the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show officially come to an end? Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2018 Don’t count on seeing your favorite Victoria’s Secret Angels on the runway this year! Because the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is officially canceled! L Brands, the company that owns […]

No Grammy nominations for BTS, really?

The Grammy nominations are in! But what’s this, none for BTS?   We are confident in saying that this is the biggest snub we’ve seen from the Grammy Awards. Because BTS did not receive a single Grammy nomination, despite the records they’ve broken all year. And people are now saying that the 62nd Annual Grammy […]

Gordo is officially part of the Lizzie McGuire reboot!

Lizzie McGuire wouldn’t be who she is today without her best friends, and one of them has officially signed on to be a part of the Lizzie McGuire reboot!   Now we know what dreams are made of! Because Adam Lamberg is reprising his role as Gordo and is now officially part of the Lizzie […]

Uhm… Is Kanye West really running for President in 2024?

What is the world coming to? Is Kanye West really running for President in 2024? And he’s changing his name to what? GIPHY I wish we could say we’re joking, but we kid you not. Because Kanye West really just announced that he’s planning to run for President in 2024! It was during the Fast […]

XOXO ‘Gossip Girl’ is coming back in 2020!

Hey Upper East Siders! ‘Gossip Girl’ is coming back in 2020! And Kirsten Bell is reprising her role as the unmistakable voice of the narrator! GIPHY There has been a lot of development since the return of ‘Gossip Girl’ was announced earlier this year in July! Like the fact that it’s not coming back this […]

Jennifer Lawrence just got married!

First, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin got married and now it’s Jennifer Lawrence! Find out all the details here! You’re probably asking, “Who’s the lucky guy?” Us too, considering Jennifer Lawrence is a highly acclaimed actress. And not to mention her lovely personality and great sense of humor. Who wouldn’t love her?! Well, he’s none other […]

[UPDATED] The End of the F***ing World’ Season 2’s release date

Bring out a bright pen and mark your calendars! Because ‘The End of the F***ing World’ is finally returning next month! The hit series ‘The End of the F***ng World’ had everyone frustrated on the final episode of season 1. And finally, there is a date on the release of the second season that we […]

Did Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott just broke up?

Oh no! Are Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott finally calling it quits after 2 years of being together? Keep on reading to find out! We all know when it comes to the Kardashian family, there’s no end to their drama. It’s like they live for it! And recently, their youngest member, Kylie Jenner, and her […]

Did you see how Gigi Hadid handled this runway prankster?

Gigi Hadid literally became a fashion police for Chanel when a prankster infiltrated the runway! Last Tuesday during Chanel’s Paris Fashion Week show, a comedian decided to crash on the runway with her monochrome tweed suit. Marie Benoliel, a YouTuber, seemingly blended into the line of models as she infiltrated the stage and walked with […]

A pitiful glimpse on Harley Quinn and the ‘Birds of Prey’

In a newly released trailer for DC movie ‘Birds of Prey’, Harley Quinn declares that people should be afraid of her more than the Joker. We are not really seeing why we should believe Harley Quinn’s strong statements, though. Margot Robbie is an amazing actress and fits Harley really well, but her character is not just that […]