New series featuring a young SpongeBob gets reveal date

It looks like our favorite underwater sponge from Bikini Bottom is getting a new series starring his 10-year-old self! And you’ll be seeing it real soon. ‘Kamp Koral’  will focus on a young SpongeBob and his adventures in an overnight camp called Kamp Koral. According to Nickelodeon, there will be 13 episodes in the first season. […]

Bela Padilla stars in new film with Korean actor Kim Gun-Woo

Introducing the newest loveteam that’ll surely make you feel a whole new ~wave~ of kilig, Bela Padilla and Kim Gun-Woo! Last Feb. 15, Gun-Woo’s agency, Good People Entertainment, confirmed that the Korean actor will be in a movie with Bela titled, ‘Ultimate Oppa’. This joint project by Viva Film, Reality Entertainment, and Creative Leaders Group Eight […]

Korean Web Novel ‘Tower of God’ Gets Anime Adaptation

Among so many interesting news of anime on the Internet, one caught our attention the most. Apparently, the Korean web novel, ‘Tower of God’ is getting an anime adaptation very soon. It’s so exciting because it’s not everyday that we get to see manhwas turned into anime adaptations. For the most part, they’re remade into live-actions or dramas. […]

Things You Probably Missed In ‘Crash Landing On You’

WARNING: Spoilers alert! A new K-drama series is making the ~wave~ and it’s none other than ‘Crash Landing On You’! In case you missed it, it follows the story of a couple brought together by unforeseen circumstances. And it’s seriously giving us major modern Romeo and Juliet feels! Of course, our love for the series doesn’t stop there. […]

Here are all the awards ‘Parasite’ took home at the 2020 Oscars

On Monday, South Korean film ‘Parasite’ picked up four monumental wins from the Academy Awards 2020 including a history-making Oscar for Best Picture. Listed below are all the categories ‘Parasite‘ took home that night:   Best Original Screenplay Given the Oscars long history, this honor has been rarely given to foreign language films. But the […]

My Hero Academia author changes character’s name after controversy

After the release of Chapter 259 of the manga My Hero Academia on Sunday, creator Kōhei Horikoshi announced that he will change the name of Daruma Ujiko (Maruta Shiga) due to a controversy pointed out by some netizens. In the height of Paranormal Liberation War Arc, the real name of Daruma Ujiko was finally revealed. If you’re following the […]

New Death Note One-Shot Features Donald Trump

Spoilers alert! Who would’ve thought that after more than 15 years, Death Note would return for a special one-shot issue featuring the President of the United States? Yes, you heard that right. Among the most bizarre and weirdest manga crossovers we’ve seen up-to-date, witnessing Donald Trump as a black and white 2D characters is probably the best out […]

Anohana house inspired from author’s childhood home burns down

Jintai’s home in the series was originally inspired from this house Upon greeting February, we are already faced with a tragic incident. On Saturday, a video of a house in Chichibu, Saitama engulfed in flames went viral. And sad to say, it’s the real-life version of Jintan’s house in Anohana that has just burned down.   秩父市桜木町にある「あの花」じんたんの家のモデルになった家が燃えている😱 […]

Will We Be Seeing An Animated Version Of The Witcher?

We just really need more of The Witcher in our lives…   After the major success (yes, we’re claiming it) of Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’ it’s only natural to yearn for more, right? And there have been rumors that an animated version of ‘The Witcher’ may be coming soon. And we’re here to tell you that they’re absolutely […]

Fruits Basket Season 2 Is Confirmed For 2020!

Honda Tohru and the Soma’s are coming back this April! Because Fruits Basket season 2 is officially a go!   After the first season of Fruits Basket (2019) ended back in September, we’ve all been on edge whether or not there’s going to be a second season! But now, we can confidently rejoice and say […]