DRED. Drops Solo Track, ‘Masaya’

Prepare your heart because ‘Masaya’ is definitely NOT a happy song.   End Street’s vocalist, Symoun Durias drops his second solo single “Masaya” under his stage name dred. The track was released on June 27 which is also the singer’s birthday.   Watch the Music Video for ‘Masaya’ below: “Malulunod nanaman ba ako sa mga […]

‘Sandali Lang’, End Street! This new music video freaking hurts!

“Gagi ang sakit!” That’s what we literally thought when we watched the new music video for End Street’s ‘Sandali Lang’. Last September, we have reacted to End Street’s latest drop, Sandali Lang. Along with that, we went deep to try to understand the song and the meaning behind it. If you haven’t read what we thought […]

LATEST DROP: Sandali Lang by End Street

On the verge of a breakup, End Street says ‘Sandali Lang’ is all you need. This year was a crazy ride for pop-punk band End Street. Aside from the changes in the lineup—with former bassist Symoun Durias now on vocals, Aljohn Abelido on guitars, Mycoh Arjona on drums, and newest member Carlo Cabarello on guitars […]