Pushing Filipino hip-hop to greater horizons: ‘Kalayo’ by Agaron

And we’re inviting you to the MV launch! With more and more local artists paving way for Filipino music, a new collective is pushing the scene to greater possibilities. Agaron will be dropping its first single, ‘Kalayo’, as one of the first Pinoy Waray hip-hop songs made this coming February 20! Translated to “fire” from the dialect, ‘Kalayo’ is […]

Watch out for 2 music videos and a new single by Ben&Ben!

This month, Ben&Ben will be releasing two new music videos for songs from their best-selling full-length album “Limasawa Street” and a brand new single! In case you are missing Ben&Ben and their music, especially in this month of love, then fret no more! Because after winning awards such as Wish FM’s Group of the Year […]

ENCORE FEATURE: Weekly Top 5 OPM Artists

Are you ready for this week’s top 5 OPM artists? You better be, because we’re going for our all-time faves this time! New music is good from time to time, but sometimes you can’t help but crave for the classics. Some songs and bands just grow on you, and these are ones you can listen […]

ENCORE FEATURE: Cheats (Band) – 8 Reasons We Love ‘Em!

Breaking records and continuously drawing crowds, Cheats (band) have been around since 2013. And, no. No cheating was involved for them to unlock these goals.   If you’ve been part of at least one of their crowds in their more-or-less five years of playing the hottest events in the metro, you’d know why. Cheats (band) always […]