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Join Nostradamus Junior In Their Single Launch for ‘KJ’

Nostradamus Junior, an independent OPM band, is inviting you for the single launch of ‘KJ’. Honestly, the name ‘Nostradamus Junior’ was unfamiliar for us. However, after listening to some of their performances on their YouTube channel, we were convinced that they are a group we shouldn’t be sleeping on. They totally rock, and we just can’t […]

HOTTEST EVENTS: Heavy Hearts EP Party – Edward Ramirez

The “Heavy Hearts” EP Party of Edward Ramirez is happening on April 27! And here’s everything we know about it. Edward Ramirez has set to release his new EP entitled ‘Heavy Hearts’ next month! In relation to this, he organized a gig to celebrate the release. Edward Ramirez Edward draws his influence from alternative, indie, […]

LATEST DROP: Eastern Love Letters MV by Edward Ramirez

The long wait is over, guys! The Eastern Love Letters MV by Edward Ramirez is finally out!   One of the rising stars in OPM as of now, Edward Ramirez, is out there making a name for his music. Ever since he was discovered with his amazing covers in his Youtube channel, Edward continues to […]

HOTTEST EVENTS: Eastern Love Letters Music Video Launch

The Eastern Love Letters Music Video Launch is almost upon us, and we are counting down the days and hours until the premiere of Edward Ramirez’ official music video for his hot new single!   Edward Ramirez’ single entitled ‘Eastern Love Letters’ was made available to everyone just September of 2018. Now, people are clamoring […]