Top 5 Albums from Taiwanese Artists in 2019

Stepping away from OPM for a bit, we want to share with you some fresh music from our neighboring country, Taiwan. Presented by Taiwan Beats This list of Taiwan’s best albums of 2019 is meant to cover the spectrum of different genres and styles coming out of the country’s eclectic and varied music world over […]

Afterparty and BLU teams up for Syzygy Music Festival

Afterparty and BLU teams up for Syzygy Music Festival. And here’s everything you need to know about this partnership!   Less than a month away, the most anticipated music festival of the year is going to commence. With this, Afterparty and BLU teams up for Syzygy Music Festival! Why? Read on and learn more about […]

FITNESS: Fittest Male Filipino DJs

You may assume that with the lifestyle that revolves around DJs, how can they possibly stay healthy and fit? Well, you’ll be surprise that some of them actually prioritizes to take care of their bodies. Here’s the list of fittest male Filipino DJs.   Partying, dancing, and drinking all through the night. That’s how people may […]

HOTTEST EVENTS: Futureland Music Festival 2018

We don’t need the DeLorean anymore! Futureland Music Festival 2018 will take us to the future!   Get ready for this year’s hottest music festival! By those responsible for Summer Siren, they are bringing us Futureland Music Festival 2018, where music meets with technology!   Celebrate music and technology In this fast-paced world, it can […]

REACT RECAP: Kygo Live In Manila

Kygo Live In Manila 2018 was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!   Thursday night was the long-awaited Kygo Live In Manila 2018, for the Kids In Love tour. And we all sang our hearts out and our voices off. By now we’re all nursing our sore throats and aching feet, but it was all worth it!   An extremely hyped-up event […]

When Party-ing turns into a lifestyle, the singular anatomy of becoming a DJ.

Becoming a DJ/Producer is almost every electronic dance music lovers’ dream come true. It is one of the most sought-after “careers” there is. I mean who wouldn’t want to party almost every night of the week while you get paid, right? It’s heaven on earth. Especially if you’ve always had a knack for such a scene. […]

UDOU’s Behind the Deck: Exclusive Interview with DJ Gigz Reyes, an Up and Coming EDM Artist

To fathom an artist’s work takes far more than just watching one set. Fortunately for me, in this first of many UDOU’s Behind the Deck series,  I get to have the opportunity at a sit down with some of the most talented DJ’s and artists’ in the country.   With that, I present you with […]

Afterparty brings the HEAT as they kickoff ELEVATE PANAGBENGA 2018

Elevate Panagbenga 2018, one of the country’s most awaited premiere festival celebrates a first as they treat the festival goers with a mind-blowing performance from the hottest DJ’s and artists in the country by partnering with Afterparty, Smart, Teeling Whiskey and Bacardi for a month-long roster of festivities.   ELEVATE Panagbenga 2018 This years celebration […]