The ‘Echo’ Bag Memes Are Now A Reality

Only geniuses can turn a joke into a profitable idea! And there’s one genius that turned the “Echo” bag meme into reality! It’s the year 2020, and our planet couldn’t be nearer to the brink of collapse than it is today. And so most people have actively chosen to better their lifestyles in order to […]

LIFESTYLE: This search engine app plants trees every time you use it!

Ecosia launched a tree-planting app in which you can help the Earth! Keep on reading to find out more!   We’ve been hearing the devastating news of how our planet is slowly falling into ruin. Recently, we’ve seen the Amazon forest catch on fire. Do we really have to wait for Earth to be totally […]

LIFESTYLE: 5 Eco-Friendly Must-Haves for Everyday Living

Looking to be environmentally conscious? Start with these 5 eco-friendly must-haves for everyday living and you’re good to go! It’s no secret that the earth is on a rapid and steady decline. Scientists have been talking about it forever and how if we don’t do something we might not have a place to call home […]


Unilever takes its first step towards eco-friendly beauty that we all have been waiting for! Just recently Unilever Philippines has announced its partnership with All Things Hair to make refillable hair products available. We all want to be beautiful, but sometimes in exchange for this, it is our planet that turns ugly. In order to adapt […]