Ateneo student to go up against OG’s N0tail in a 1v1 DOTA 2 match

Our very own Jeff Dizon is about to bring that ONE BIG FIGHT in Dota 2!   Zedrik “Jeff” Dizon, an Ateneo student who was this year’s newly-crowned Red Bull R1v1r Runes Champion, is set to face N0tail, team captain Team OG, in a 1v1 Dota 2 match.   The ‘Civil War’ Jeff made his debut […]

TNC eliminated from StarLadder minor qualifiers

After their amazing run during the WESG and the MDL Chengdu Major, TNC.Predator has been one of the top SEA teams in the Dota Pro Circuit rankings. But knocking them off from their seat of victory is Reality Rift in the StarLadder ImbaTV Minor qualifiers, 2-1. It's unfortunate that our run ends here, and we know […]

Valve bans 40, 000 Dota 2 accounts for matchmaking abuse

As we all know, Valve always had this resolve in creating a fair environment within the Dota 2 community. And that includes their fight against players who are abusing the system. That’s why on Wednesday, Valve announced banning nearly 40,000 players from the game. We have banned over 40,000 accounts for players who were found […]

Raven, 5th Dota 2 player to reach 10k MMR

He is also the 2nd Filipino to reach this achievement On February 1, Geek Fam’s Position 1, Marc Polo Luis “Raven” Fausto managed to snatch the 10,000 MMR milestone in Dota 2. Guess we have someone here who’s starting his month right? A photo of his MMR circulated on Reddit with it being 10 000 […]

You can now watch True Sight following OG and Liquid’s journey in TI9

For those who weren’t able to watch the premiere, the widely popular Dota 2 documentary True Sight is finallly available online on Dota 2’s official YouTube channel! Check it out now to relive the epic moments and behind the scenes of Team Liquid and OG in The International 2019.   GIPHY   Aside from following both teams and […]

Say hello to the DOTA 2 Outlanders Update (7.23)!

Full disclosure, this may be a bit overwhelming.   Say hello to the DOTA 2 Outlanders Update (7.23 patch update). Okay, I’m not going to lie, there is a ton of information to unpack with this new update. But I’ll only feature the most important, and well, shocking ones. Because not only do we finally […]

3 Legendary Items That Made It Back In Outlanders Update

Today has got the be one of Dota 2’s biggest moments yet with the ‘Outlanders’ update. But the most surprising news of all is that 3 of our favorite items in the game have made a comeback! Aside from new heroes, revamped maps, and WTF updates, the one we felt most excited about is Valve […]

Dota 2’s newest matchmaking feature ‘Fast Queue’

Say goodbye to long matchmaking, Dota 2 just added a new feature called, ‘Fast Queue’! Rejoice! After the stricter requirements for Ranked Roles matchmaking, many users have started experiencing slow queue times. But Valve resolved this problem by introducing ‘Fast Queue’. Before the restriction, waiting for pubs was much faster considering there were more people […]

Getting know the 17-year-old Dota 2 beast, ’23savage’

Started from the bottom now we’re here~ Who is this Dota 2 beast from Team Fnatic? After the disbandment of Fnatic following their The International 2019 run, calls for a new roster of their team. With only a few of the original members left, what would become of Fnatic? Unexpectedly, this change of players turned […]

Say goodbye to toxic players in the new Dota 2 update

Get ready to say your goodbyes to toxic players in Dota 2 because Valve will disable their chat function! Yas! Start the week right with some good news! Apparently, Valve dropped a new Dota 2 update on Thursday that will promote a healthier gaming environment and will ban toxic players from chatting! We all know […]