The trailer for Disney’s Mulan is here!

Heads up, Disney fans! The official trailer for Mulan is finally here!   Amidst all the controversy from Disney fans and Hong Kong supporters alike, the trailer for Disney’s live-action ‘Mulan’ is finally here! So ICYMI, Disney fans aren’t exactly happy with the prospect of the live-action remake of the 1998 Disney animated film for […]

FEATURES: Disney’s ‘Mulan’ live-action faces boycott after lead star’s pro-police comments

Have you been a Disney fan ever since you were young? Can’t wait to see Mulan’s live-action remake? Apparently, it might just face a boycott as Liu Yifei who’s playing Mulan expresses her support for the Hong Kong police. The release of the teaser video of Disney’s live-action remake ‘Mulan‘ was well-received last month but […]

FEATURES: First look at the live-action film Mulan!

No Mushu, no Shang, no singing. But despite the rumors, it seems that Disney’s live-action film of Mulan isn’t as lackluster as everyone thinks. After a long time of waiting, Disney unveiled the first teaser trailer of ‘Mulan‘, the live-action adaptation. Mulan’s teaser trailer debuted during the half-time break  U.S.-Netherlands FIFA Women’s World Cup soccer […]