Fans Rejoiced At The Release of Joyce Pring’s Alone Together Quarantine Music Video

The much-awaited music video for Joyce Pring’s latest song ‘Alone Together’ finally premiered yesterday, May 14, and to say that the launch was well-received would be an understatement.   Fans, friends, and family of Joyce Pring danced, sang, and even cried as the MV flashed before their eyes. They flocked to her social platforms expressing […]

Pasig City and Manila Are Working With FoodPanda To Give Jobs To Trike Drivers

Foodpanda, a popular mobile food delivery marketplace, has teamed up with the cities of Manila and Pasig to give jobs to tricycle drivers who have lost jobs due to the enhanced community quarantine.   The project called ‘pandaTODA’ aims to employ 500 displaced trike drivers in each city, recruiting them to do delivery services on […]

Listen to Magiting: Musika Publiko’s Tribute Song for Brave Frontliners

An anthem for all of our brave frontliners and the ones who continually supporting them. Despite the pandemic crisis that tested world, we can still see the power of solidarity among Filipinos’ hearts. To tell you, there’s an overwhelming respond for an initiative support like the slew of heartwarming fundraising to help our frontliners and such. […]

Lucifer Season 5 Won’t Be On Netflix This May

Will the fifth installment of Lucifer be delayed on Netflix?   Aside from Money Heist, Stranger Things and other hit series on Netflix, of course, we’re also waiting for the release date of Lucifer’s Season 5. But due to the outbreak of the pandemic crisis, everyone is asking if Netflix will cancel the show or […]

Adapt to the New Normal, or Wait for a Time Machine

Are we gonna quit feeling sorry for ourselves and start adjusting to the New Normal? Or we’re gonna just sit back here, cry until we become a fossil?   Of course, even after COVID-19 destroyed everything for us, we’re still choosing to live.   We can’t change the past   If a time machine were […]

Simple Ways To Cope With Your Lockdown Anxieties

COVID-19 is a disease caused by the new coronavirus. It mainly attacks the lungs of the infected and can cause complications for those with pre-existing conditions. However, our physical body is not the only one at risk amidst the global pandemic. Our mental is also prone to suffer.   The new normal can be triggering. […]

ICYM, Quest raises awareness through his latest track ‘Rise‘

As the saddening news roll by, slew of different local artists truly did their their best to uplift our spirits amidst pandemic crisis. To tell you, Quest is one of those great artists who comfort our fellowmen through music. Since, we’re all forced to stay indoors, we cannot deny that anxiety and fears are starting […]

If COVID-19 Were Fictional Characters

COVID-19 is pure evil. It sucks the fun out of everything. All the negative adjectives are not enough to describe it.    If COVID-19 were people from fictional shows, it would most probably be best represented by these famously hated characters.   Joffrey Baratheon   Game of Thrones was a show commendable for showing the […]

“Nature is Healing” Memes Prove That Humans Are the Virus

Recently, internet citizens cheered in awe as various posts about dolphins allegedly returning to Italy amid the coronavirus lockdown surged in popularity.   Sorry to burst your bubble, but no, dolphins have not returned to the waterways in Venice. It is true that swans and dolphins have been spotted swimming in the waterways and canals of […]