Black Lives Matter: Songs of and for the movement

Amplify black voices! Stream the vocals of the movement.   Music is an asset so deeply ingrained in the culture of Black Americans. The sounds created by the Black community in their continuous cycle of misery, triumph, endurance, celebration throughout history have given birth to countless genres of music hence why the struggle of Black […]

Can You Spare 57 Minutes for Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino?

Lock the door, get comfortable, kill the lights (maybe not?), play Donald Glover’s latest album 3.15.20 (not on shuffle!), close your eyes, and ride that euphoric tide of deep listening.   As the album title would suggest, Donald Glover had originally released the album on March 15th, 2020 and played the album in a continuous […]

LATEST DROP: Childish Gambino New Music Video For “Feels Like Summer” Explained

Childish Gambino new music video alert! Donald Glover dropped his MV Feels Like Summer at the first of September and we’ve got the juicy deets for you.   As you know, this Childish Gambino new music video isn’t his first visually cryptic, controversial music video. Earlier this year he released the visuals for song ‘This Is […]

Childish Gambino’s “This is America”: An Eloquent Satirical Masterpiece

  It all happened on a weekend. I was on Youtube, surfing, smoking a cigarette and just chilling out, until Childish Gambino’s new video plays entitled “This is America.” The eloquent, ultra-violent, grotesque and chaotic video concocted by Glover and the director Hiro Murai was a real shocker.   The Video It all started out with […]