Say hello to Champ Lui Pio’s baby boy, Caden!

*Article updated as of October 22, 2019 The #LuiPios are now a trio! Say hello to Champ Lui Pio’s little baby boy, Caden! Claire and Champ are no longer a duo as they welcome baby boy Caden into their lives! The little bundle of joy officially came into the world last October 19, 2019. And […]

TIME CAPSULE: Artists Who Now Have Their Own Record Labels

Ely, Kean, Monty, and Champ. These are some of your favorite Filipino frontmen. And now, they’re also part of the artists who now have their own record labels.   Artists who now have their own record labels started out exactly like the musicians that they’re now producing —with the simple dream to make and perform […]

Our AfterParty Movie for the Bacardi House Party PH is finally here!

AfterPartyers, the wait is over!   We found out about your favorite local DJ’s summer anthem, throwback track, & more exclusives from Bacardi House Party PH. Of course, made possible by Bacardi PH, Champ Lui Pio, DJ X-Factor, Victor Pring and co-presented by our every own, AfterParty!   Therefore, If you haven’t read our two-cents […]

Bacardi House Party PH: An Infusion of Taste, A Celebration of Sound

  As I navigate the world of music deeper and deeper, observing all kinds of artists pour their hearts out from bars to clubs to festivals, I have consistently discovered that its true beauty lies, not in the songs, the size of the production, or the amount of people in attendance, but rather in its […]