Catriona, Pia, Ivana—giving women a positive light through Filipino hip-hop

As from what we’ve said, Filipino hip-hop is certainly not jeje. It is, however, following the Western style of sexualizing women which IS NOT COOL. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, well, just try giving Nik Masino’s ‘Neneng B’ a listen. Don’t get us wrong, the beat is really catchy (thanks to Roko Tensei) and […]

Catriona Gray trends for saying ‘karalangan’ in her Miss U farewell speech

Miss Universe 2019 went down with a bang after Catriona Gray mispronounces “karangalan” in her farewell speech. Find out more here: Ahh, the Miss Universe—a once in a year event full of glitz and glamour. But most of all, it’s a night for ladies to showcase both their inner and outer beauty. Everyone is expected to be on […]

Is Catriona Gray’s ex really dating a Thai billionaire?

Photos have been posted and comments have been made! But is Catriona Gray’s ex, Clint Bondad, really dating a Thai billionaire? Cosmo PH Everyone pretty much knows by now that Catriona Gray and her Filipino-German then-boyfriend broke up earlier this year in February. Ending her six-year relationship with Clint Bondad. Which we can only imagine […]

FEATURES : Catriona Gray – Miss Universe 2018

It was a fiery night indeed! Our Philippine pride lava-walked her way to the crown and brought it home. Catriona Gray, Miss Universe 2018.   The entire nation is celebrating because of our very own, Catriona Gray brought back the Miss Universe 2018 crown to the Philippines! Catriona Gray Catriona Gray is a Filipina-Australian beauty—she […]