Opinion Gatekeeping vs Proper Discourse

There is a difference between sharing your opinion online and Opinion Gatekeeping. So today let’s talk about Opinion Gatekeeping vs Proper Discourse. Unsplash In today’s rant/educational article for all of you, we’ll be discussing something that some of you may find “sensitive.” But also to some of you, this may sound like common sense. And […]

Jason Magbanua Speaks Up Against Sexual Allegations

Last October 17, a ton of issues have sparked controversy on Twitter. Sexual allegations against celebrity wedding videographer Jason Magbanua was one of them. In a tweet made last October 17, a user has posted screenshots of a Facebook post by an alleged Jaime Dy. In her post, she accused esteemed wedding videographer Jason Magbanua […]

LIFESTYLE: Why “Cancel Culture” should be cancelled

I’m going to be clear about my standpoint here. If cancel culture should be a thing then every one of us is cancelled! Here’s why we think ‘cancel culture’ should be crossed out once and for all. #Cancelledt or cancel culture is most commonly defined as the call to stop supporting people (most commonly celebrities) […]