BuwanBuwan Collective is With Us in the Dead of the Night

The moon shines in the midst of the dead night with BuwanBuwan Collective bringing electronic music out into the spotlight. As a group of beatmakers and electronic musicians, the collective sets their operations parallel to the astronomical calendar. Co-founder Jorge Wieneke V, more known as similarobjects, revealed that this norm was adapted from their events […]

ROMS (Reflections on Music and Sound)

BuwanBuwan Collective hosts ROMS (Reflections on Music and Sound) last June 20th at XX XX. It is a series of talks and workshops, along with Live Beatmaker Cypher and Ableton Link Improv Orchestra. What went down The workshops consisted of talks from Raimund Marasigan (Sandwich, Pedicab, Squid 9), where he shared about how to make […]

Events in Cubao: Unsilencing – similarobjects’ Birthday Gig

Celebrate the 28th birthday of one of the country’s most revered producers, similarobjects, on October 27 at Today x Future! Sorry for dropping the number but hey, there’s nothing wrong with being proud of your age.   The Theory of Collective Unconscious   For those unaware, the moniker “similarobjects” refers to Carl Jung’s theory of […]