Dairy Queen Has A New Milk Tea Parfait And Other Treats!

It seems like there’s no stopping the Milk Tea train! Because Dairy Queen has just released the Ultimate Milk Tea Parfait! So we’ve seen our fair share of Milk Tea inspired desserts and food. And some of them are absolutely solid, but there are others that just aren’t as great. I mean, do you remember […]

Blizzard bans Pro Hearthstone player and fans are not happy!

Whoops! Banning that Pro Hearthstone player wasn’t the best move Blizzard! Now fans are starting a massive boycott movement! It looks like Blizzard made a huge mistake by banning a Pro Hearthstone player because of his political views. And now fans are starting a massive movement to Boycott Blizzard Entertainment! There are even players who […]

GAMES: Blizzard holds Overwatch Skin Designing Contest for SEA Region

Overwatch has amazing graphics and stunning animations. And to spice up the character designs, Blizzard will hold an Overwatch Skin Designing Contest for SEA Region!   Blizzard’s Overwatch is another game taking over the industry. The game itself looks like an easy first-person shooting game but it’s challenging as hell! On top of that, the whole […]