Bacardi Philippines’ hosts a different kind of House Party!

An irrepressible spirit, with an untameable determination. Two main adjectives used to describe Don Facundo Bacardi Masso. He founded Bacardi, the company that later on introduced the first ever mixable rum in 1862. And like its founder, the brand has continued to push itself to continuously revolutionize not only the brand but the experience as a whole, and with that came the launch of BACARDI HOUSEPARTY […]

Bacardi House Party PH is at it again for another LIT Night of Partying!

Stir up the revelry this coming April 21, 2018. Go and soundproof your house, keep your stereo volume up and of course dance ’til you drop, because Bacardi PH is at it again with their first of more Bacardi House Parties PH! this 2018!   Last Year’s Bacardi House Party PH   An Infusion of Taste, […]

The Growth of Sinulog’s Nightlife

Sinulog traditions include attending mass to honor the Santo Niño, enjoying the Grand Parade’s festivities, and joining the Fluvial Procession. However, new practices (if we can call it that way) have popped up over the years for the younger generation. Here are some of the best nightlife hotspots for Sinulog!   LifeDance     If […]

AfterParty Takeover: The First Ever Bacardi House Party

We got exclusive invites to the first ever #BacardiHouseParty hosted by our favorite DJ-MC duo, DJ X Factor and Victor Pring! Of course we have exclusive features for all you AfterPartyers!

Our AfterParty Movie for the Bacardi House Party PH is finally here!

AfterPartyers, the wait is over!   We found out about your favorite local DJ’s summer anthem, throwback track, & more exclusives from Bacardi House Party PH. Of course, made possible by Bacardi PH, Champ Lui Pio, DJ X-Factor, Victor Pring and co-presented by our every own, AfterParty!   Therefore, If you haven’t read our two-cents […]

Bacardi House Party PH: An Infusion of Taste, A Celebration of Sound

  As I navigate the world of music deeper and deeper, observing all kinds of artists pour their hearts out from bars to clubs to festivals, I have consistently discovered that its true beauty lies, not in the songs, the size of the production, or the amount of people in attendance, but rather in its […]