5 Must-Have Apps For Music Lovers

Mobile applications are a huge part of our daily lives. They’re like our personal assistant that helps us do our tasks way easier and faster wherever we go. Even music lovers can benefit from that to keep the melody going in your head, and maybe create your own song in the middle of traffic. Bottomline? […]

Top Apps You Should Download in the Google Play, App Store

There are literally thousands of applications available on the Google Play or App Store. However, only a select few can actually be worth keeping on your smartphone.   Most smartphones today only have limited spaces for apps, music and videos. It is important to choose your apps wisely.   Camera and Photo Apps     […]

Dive Into the World of Gorillaz with Augmented Reality App

  Ever wanted to step into the wonderfully weird world of the Gorillaz? Well, with their new augmented reality app, you’ll be able to do just that. It’s completely free, and it includes a lot of cool features.         The augmented reality app makes use of your smartphone’s camera to show places […]

Snapchat CTO Bobby Murphy: How the Fil-Am Succeeded

Little do people know that one man behind the successful Snapchat app has Filipino roots. Filipino-American Bobby Murphy is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of the famous Snapchat company, which recently went public putting the valuation at $28 billion. That’s worth more than a whopping 1.4 billion pesos for an app.   Snapchat is […]