TIME CAPSULE: Pinoy Christmas Songs we’re bound to hear these Ber Months

Only 114 days till Christmas Day! And now that countdown has started this September, you’ll probably be hearing some of these favorite Pinoy Christmas Songs blasting everywhere! It’s officially the start of the notorious Ber Months and every household is hyped up! With the last 4 remaining months of 2019, Christmas is technically just around […]

TIME CAPSULE: Who are the faces of OPM?

There’s a never ending evolution of OPM and the ever changing taste of music enthusiasts, so we’ve asked you—who are the faces of OPM for you? And here are your answers!   Through the years, Original Pinoy Music has evolved tremendously. From the 90’s Song Hits Magazine to today’s Top Hits Philippines on Spotify we […]

Eto Na! Musikal nAPO! — A Look On How It All Started

Before all your favorite indie bands came to the spotlight, there was APO Hiking Society. Originally Apolinario Mabini Hiking Society—the name was a witty stance to the historical figure that is Mabini, who had his legs paralysed due to polio.   The group was such a hit in the 1970s until late 1990s, with famous […]