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Apex Legends soon to be available on Steam?

Electronic Arts announced they will be bringing back their games on Steam. Will we be seeing Apex Legends on Steam soon? Valve, developer of Steam, announced their partnership with Electronic Arts yesterday. And if you don’t have a clue on what will happen, basically our favorite EA games like Apex Legends can now be accessible through […]

GAMES: What’s new with Apex Legends Season 2?

Get ready legends as we grind into Apex Legends Season 2! Apex Legends Season 2: Battle Charge has arrived. And as we enter a new season, Apex Legends sports some good looking features for everyone to feast. While a lot of players have known for quite sometime what Season 2 has to offer, here’s a […]

GAMES: Gamers going crazy over Apex Legends

Tired of your usual Battle Royal games? Say no more! EA Games presents Apex Legends, a new Battle Royale games that you’ll surely enjoy!   Apex Legends had taken the gaming world by storm! Apparently, EA Games newest game title is everyone’s new Battle Royale favorite. Just recently, Apex Legends caught everyone by surprise after coming out as […]