Angel Locsin: An Angel By The Name And Heart

Not all famous celebrities we see on the screen have had an original song written for them.    Well, there’s Catriona, an electronic pop track with catchy tunes written by Matthaios, who sources his self-worth from our Miss Universe 2018’s heavenly smile. There’s also IVANA by SOULSTICE, dedicated to none other than Ivana Alawi. Aside […]

Four Sisters And A Wedding Is Getting A Prequel, And We Have Mixed Feelings About It

If you could go back in time just to see the iconic Salazars’ confrontation scene for the first time again, would you? Or would you?   It was announced last February 27, 2020 that a prequel to Four Sisters And A Wedding is set to hit the cinemas, finally putting an end to die-hard fans’ […]

ENCORE FEATURE: Why Angel Locsin truly is an angel

Living up to her name, Angel Locsin shows the world that you don’t need to dress up fancy to share your blessings. Every year, everyone waits for the ABS-CBN Ball just to see who was best dressed among our favorite local celebrities. But shockingly, Angel Locsin‘s absence in the previous 2019 ABS-CBN Ball became the […]

DIRTY LAUNDRY: Netizens enraged over Luis Manzano’s reaction on Angel Locsin engagement

Bitter or not, Luis Manzano’s reaction over Angel Locsin’s engagement got him under fire from the netizens’ scrutinizing eyes! A few days ago, a video clip of Luis Manzano’s interview circulated in social media. The said clip caught him on cam, commenting on his ex-girlfriend, Angel Locsin‘s engagement with film producer, Neil Arce. But apparently, […]