Mayor Isko Moreno tours Alex Gonzaga around Manila

Alex Gonzaga is back at it again with a new video and this time with a special guest and it’s Mayor Isko Moreno! Catch them as they take a tour around Manila. On Saturday, Alex Gonzaga uploaded a vlog on her Youtube account wherein she takes on the opportunity to tour around Manila with none […]

Celebrities taking over the vlogging industry?

We’ve seen many celebrities entering the world of vlogging but is it wrong for them to join this booming industry? Today, we’re here to discuss an issue a Twitter user has brought up regarding how many celebrities are joining this online trend of vlogging. In his tweet, this user questions why celebrities have the need to vlog if they’re earning […]

REACT RECAP: Cubao Expo by ALex Gonzaga

Cubao Expo by Alex Gonzaga was one of the most talked about videos on the first week of October—October third.   And like how any Mean Girl™ would know, October third is a very special day. Coincidentally, the Cubao Expo by Alex Gonzaga vlog tour was posted on Youtube on the same day.   It was yet […]